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Traveling Water Screens
     MM & C provides comprehensive traveling water screen services, including intake system inspection, maintenance and refurbishment. MM & C provides on-site and off-site repair and fabrication. MM & C maintains a complete parts inventory, and also provides it's customers with a Preventive Maintenance Program.

     MM & C's 12 Point Inspection Program gives us all the information we need to develop a condition report for your screens. The condition report will tell us exactly what repairs are needed so we can generate a repair cost. Emergency repairs can be quoted at the time of inspection by the inspector. All emergency repairs can be started immediately after customer's approval. MM & C also provides technical service personal to supervise in house repairs.


The following is the work performed on traveling water screens by MM & C:

- Troubleshoot and repair seized traveling water screens. Replace boot pan while screen is in place or removed.

- Repair boot pan (in-place welding) and install backing plates on hole-elongated wall brackets.

- Install new motor drives

- Install new extension shoes

- Install new capstan screws

- Install new wall bracket and new tracking bars

- Remove, refurbish and replace chain guides

- Remove and replace lower bushings, foot wheels and shaft

- Rebuild or replace main chain: Bushings, attachment pin and chain rollers

- Replace bearing blocks, drive chain and sprockets

- Replace head-shaft and sprockets

- Replace shell inserts (head sprockets)

- Replace bolts where needed

- Level and adjust unit

- Fabricate intermediate frame sections

- Sandblast and coat entire screen

- Straighten bent baskets

- Replace screen mesh

- Replace mounting brackets

- Replace wear plates on larger screens

- Replace clamping bars