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To Our Customers:

(1) Safety and Quality are two important priorities. Safe operation decreases insurance costs and superior quality helps to lower comeback costs. We are therefore able to pass considerable savings on to our customers.

(2) Communication. We believe in communicating with our customers. Communication is a two way street; your problems are our problems. A satisfied customer is a good customer.

(3) Reputation and Integrity. In the diving and marine industry, we offer you the best trained personnel that the Navy, Coastguard and diving industry has to offer. Our reputation and integrity speaks of itself. We stand 100% behind our service.

(4) Technology Changes. Over the past 20 years our industry has had many changes in technology and safety. Marine Maintenance is a leader in these changes. Through preventive maintenance programs, we have been able to save lengthy processes, and by using a special coating, we can extend the life of your underwater and topside equipment.