Marine Maintenance & Construction provides repair, installation, fabrication, inspection, and maintenance services, to power utilities, chemical plants, oil companies and marine terminals. Since 1983, Marine Maintenance has offered our customers engineering, design, and construction services. This allows us to provide a complete scope of high quality maintenance, inspection, repair and installation services, to our customers throughout the United States.

Our organization and management is dedicated to providing the best possible service, workmanship and materials. We are committed to providing maximum customer service at the most competitive prices.

We provide our customers with modern equipment and services needed in today's changing industry. Through the availability of these modern conveniences, we can assure our customers a job done efficiently.

When working with Marine Maintenance & Construction you will recognize quality workmanship by our staff as craftsmen. Our numerous skills and services span a multitude of technologies with which to serve you. We assure our customers that we can make important decisions quickly, virtually at a moment's notice.


We look forward to serving you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.